HE-VA Deep Rippers

HE-VA’s range of deep rippers is designed for minimum power requirement. The HE-VA lifts and loosens the soil effectively without bringing large unwanted clods and stones to the surface.

Key Features:

  • Model Options

  • V-Formation

  • Stone Protection

  • Roller Types

  • Working Depth

  • Points

HE-VA Features:

Model Options

HE-VA Deep Rippers (Sub-Tillers) are available in 5 different frame models in Australia: 3m & 4m Linkage, 5m, 6m & 7m Hydraulic folding trailed models. All models imported to Australia are fitted with hydraulic tines.


The construction in V-formation ensures a good clearance and an even surface. The tine spacing is infinitely variable depending on the actual working task (only the central tine is fixed). This means that the deep ripper can easily be set for work such as tramline loosening, with some tines removed.

Stone Protection

For stony soil types a deep ripper with hydraulic automatic release system is recommended. With a hydraulic cylinder mounted on each tine, which is connected to two gas accumulating tanks, an automatic swing of a tine is ensured, if it comes into contact with immovable stones. This system is also functioning as a shock absorber in stony soils, where it will catch the vibrations.

Roller Types

The roller is a serrated ring of pressed steel with a shoulder profile ensuring an aggressive breaking of clods and by this a perfect surface finish. Effective scrapers are mounted between the rings making preparation in moist and sticky soil conditions possible. The 3 pt linkage models have a 600mm V-profile and trailed models have 700mm V-profile.

Working Depth

The working depth is controlled exactly by the hydraulic adjustable packing roller. The driver can see the actual working depth with the depth scale.


As standard the machine is delivered with 200mm wing points, other types of wearing points are available. The points are longlife, with tungsten tip and extra protection against wearing on the tine.