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"Unlock your soil potential whilst leaving an unbeatable one-pass finish"

HE-VA’s range of deep rippers is designed for efficient one-pass ripping. With an extremely robust Danish design, the HE-VA busts through compaction layers whilst lifting and mixing the soil from depths of up to 700mm. For a ripper that will stand the test of time, look no further.

Key Features:

  • Linkage and Trailed Models

  • V-Profile Roller

  • Hydraulic Tine Break-out Protection

  • V-Formation

  • Working Depth

  • Points & Lift/Inclusion Plate Options


Linkage & Trailed Models Available

HE-VA Deep Rippers (Sub-Tillers) are available in 6 different frame models in Australia: 3m, 4m & 5m Linkage, 5m, 6m & 7m Hydraulic folding trailed models. All models imported to Australia are fitted with hydraulic tines.

HE-VA 7m-1.JPG

Hydraulic Tine Break-out Protection

The HE-VA deep rippers are fitted with a hydraulic tine break-out connected to two gas accumulating tanks which ensure an automatic backward swing of the tine if it hits unmovable stones. This system performs magnificently as a shock absorber in stony soils, making it suitable to most soil types regardless of how many rocks are present.


V-Profile Roller

One of the key benefits of the HE-VA unit is the V-Profile Roller mounted on the back of the machine which is adjusted hydraulically to meet the desired levelling and packing finish. The roller leaves an unbeatable one-pass finish, crushing clods whilst leaving majority of the stubble still standing. This makes the paddock much easier to drive over and assists in avoiding drift.

Back Right View LS.JPG

Points and Delving/Inclusion
Plate Options

The units come standard with either 120mm (5-inch) or 200mm (8-inch) points with tungsten tip, with other tine options also available. Clay Lift/Delving & Inclusion Plates are also available, giving the ability to bring clay to the surface from depth and mix the soil effectively.

200mm HE-VA Point.jpg

Working Depth

The HE-VA is capable of ripping up to 700mm deep, with the working depth controlled by the hydraulically adjustable packing roller. The driver can see the actual working depth with the depth scale.

HE-VA Deep Ripper - Quad Trak edited.jpg


The construction in V-formation ensures a good clearance and an even surface. The tine spacing is infinitely variable depending on the actual working task (only the central tine is fixed). This means that the deep ripper can easily be set for work such as tramline loosening, with some tines removed.

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HE-VA Deep Ripper Folded.jpg


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