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Dalbo, the specialist Danish tillage manufacturer has partnered with Bute Discs alongside Techgrow to offer the Powerchain 800 to the Australian market. The 8m disc chain unit is specifically designed to complement the Bute Disc system, and has a range of unique advantages including:

  • The linkage tow system allows the chain to be lifted completely off of the ground when turning at the end of each run

  • Hydraulic chain tensioning makes for easy "on the go" adjustment to ensure optimal working depth & finish

  • Support wheels mounted on each side frame ensures the chains runs smoothly over ground and achieves a very even & level finish

  • Bute Disc System - Quickly and easily adjust disc weights to achieve the desired level of working/finish

  • Seeding Capability - The optional 500L seeding kit dramatically increases the functionality of the unit, used widely in Europe

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Your farm is easier to work with the Bute Disc Chain System!

  • Easily add/remove weights to tailor your Powerchain to your soil on any given day, and get the desired working depth & finish

    • "It takes just 45 minutes and one spanner to change out your discs, and it can all be done in the field"​

  • Fewer passes required

  • Better weed kill with full cut out

    • Up to 98% of weeds removed, with weeds such as fleabane and tap-rooted weeds removed in one pass​

  • Perfect for seedbed preparation

  • Preserves subsoil moisture

  • Designed by Australians for Australians


Contac Us - Dalbo PC


Give Techgrow a call today on (08) 8842 1384 or fill out the Contact Us form below to find out more or receive a quotation.

To discuss the Bute Discs in more detail, call Kent Paterson on 0429 178 741 or visit the Bute Discs website by clicking the Learn More button above.

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