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Our Story

Techgrow owners Colin and Kathy Mitchell were multi-generational broadacre cropping farmers based in Yacka, South Australia, before starting Techgrow in 2003. It is through these decades of farming experience that Colin came to learn the importance of reliable, quality machinery with strong backup support, which has remained the back-bone of Techgrow to this day.


Techgrow was conceived following an agronomy trip Colin made to the Canterbury Plain in New Zealand with a group of farmers in 2002, to study nitrogen and canopy management of cereal crops. Many of the farms visited in NZ had Bogballe spreaders, and when asked why they explained that the Bogballe proved very efficient in windy conditions because of their 4 double overlap pattern, and were superior spreaders in terms of accuracy and quality. After learning new practices of delayed nitrogen application in crops to grow less biomass and more grain, Colin saw the need to apply these principles in SA and sought the Australian distributor of the Bogballe spreaders, purchasing one for use on his own property.

After contract spreading for a number of local farmers, the then importer suggested Colin try to sell some Bogballe spreaders, which in 2003 he started doing alongside the farming operation. 

In 2007 Techgrow moved from a farm-based business to a new premises on the edge of Clare, which allowed for an expanded product and service offering.

In 2012 Techgrow took on the National Importership for Bogballe, and more recently Dalbo rollers and tillage equipment and SIP hay/forage equipment. The Dealer Network for these products stretches right across the country, with our dedicated partners.

Locally in SA, Techgrow are proud to represent a range of products including Hardi sprayers, Boss air seeders, Spitwater pressure cleaners, and Peerless air compressors.


Strong personal relationships and exceptional backup support are at the centre of everything we do at Techgrow, something that our loyal and long term customers value highly.

Techgrow support a number of local sporting and community initiatives, which we are proud to be a part of.

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