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Best-in-Class Precision Spreaders

Bogballe is one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders, and certainly the most innovative. In 1988, Bogballe invented the weigh cell technique used in modern spreaders, and, in 1991, it developed the first ever GPS connected fertiliser spreader. Given the Danish company only produces one single product - linkage fertiliser spreaders - its 365-day-a year focus has always put it at the forefront of the industry. 


The company has a state-of-the-art, 1600 square metre two and three dimensional test hall, in which more than 2000 tests are carried out each year.

"Complexity, the simple way" is Bogballe's mantra, and they pursue this day in day out with incredible ingenuity. 

Why Invest in a Bogballe Spreader?

Highly Accurate Weighing System

In 1988, Bogballe invented the weigh cell technique used in most modern fertiliser spreaders. Continual development has meant that Bogballe now work to a +/- 1% accuracy.

The intuitive weighing system continuously registers change in the fertiliser flow and adjusts the flow rate accordingly on the move (known as 'Fully Automatic Calibration'. This means the amount of fertiliser used is precisely controlled, ensuring optimum use of inputs and control of costs.


Bogballe's own 'Intelligent Control' system ensures that irregularities caused by tractor movement is also factored into the flow rate.

Weighing Technique Image 2.jpg

Off-Centre Spreading

In-Centre Spreading


Superior, Reliable Spread Pattern

The unique In-Centre Spreading System, with the discs spinning towards each other, is widely recognised as the preferred method for high accuracy precision spreading (as compared to off-centre).


The full 180° overlap between the two discs (refer to pictorial) means that the spreading width receives a 'double overlap', which through the law of averages delivers practical infield tolerance particularly in the wind.

The In-Centre system also means that the right and left side of the spreader does not need individual adjustment to achieve the correct overlapping spread. 

Dynamic Section Control (Optional)

Dynamic Section Control automatically adjusts and controls the spread pattern according to the shape of the field, such as angled headlands or wedges.

The Bogballe Section Control is designed such that the number of sections is in principle infinite, with the opening and closing of sections being smooth and gradual.

The left and right side sections are controlled independently, meaning that the Bogballe will spread in to any shape wedge you can throw at it.

Section Control Image.jpg

Easy to Set

Complexity the simple way - One setting adjustment and the spreader is ready to work.


If you choose a spreader with weighing technique and intelligent control, the only setting that must be adjusted when setting up on farm for the first time is to set the tilt angle to achieve the required spread width (defined by easy-to-use spread charts). The risk of incorrect setup is therefore minimal, and you can be spreading in no time.


Durability from Quality Manufacture

Bogballe Spreaders are incredibly long-lasting and durable, and therefore, a smart investment. Any piece of metal on the Bogballe that is not stainless steel:


  • Goes through an intensive 7 step cleaning process

  • Is chemical treatment to minimise rust

  • Has every edge and corner planed smooth

  • Is finished with high quality Powder 'Flexi Coat' paint - which is 30 x stronger than traditional wet paint

When it comes to Spreading Vanes, Bogballe use Wear Resistant tempered manganese steel which is three times stronger than stainless steel and does not burst when knocked or hammered.

Bogballe Models Available

Common Options

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