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Planters, Seeder Carts & Ag Parts

Who are BOSS Agriculture?

BOSS Engineering Pty Ltd (BOSS) was formed in 2007, in Inverell Northern NSW. Over the years BOSS has continued to adopt the latest design, engineering and manufacturing techniques. Their state of the art facility currently comprises 30,000 square metres (under roof), and houses over 190 employees during peak times. 

Planter and Cart Specialists

Whether you farm flat plains or undulating hills, BOSS Agriculture offer a Planter that will achieve a precise and consistent seeding depth and optimum crop establishment. BOSS Planters feature a combination of strength and frame flex with a vast range of row units and options available.

BOSS's Seeding Carts have been designed for ease of use with hydraulic lift and swing augers and hydraulic opening bin lids, as well as easy-capacity fill features.


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Row Unit Options:

Our Single Disc Row Units are effective at penetrating tight soils and are equally capable when faced with the sticky conditions often encountered during winter planting.

The combination of an offset and undercut disc opener allows our single disc planting units to dig effectively without requiring an over-engineered heavy frame to force the row units into the ground.

To tackle wet sticky conditions where stubble becomes rope bound, a combination of a simplistic low profile seet boot, floating cleaning wheel and active mud scraper system are proven to be very effective in minimum tillage operations.

Frame Options:

The Para-Lift range of trailing planter frames are a cost effective fixed drawbar frame suited to most broadacre areas.


The advantage of the Para-Lift frame is that a percentage of the planter’s weight is transferred directly onto the tractor drawbar giving better traction and making use of the available horse power.

Para-Lift Frames are available in standard widths of 9m/30ft to 24m/78ft. With single or double folding options frames can be configured with different row unit or depth wheel spacings as required.

Cart Options:

BOSS offer a variety of Air Seeder Carts which are designed specifically for Australian conditions and with ease of use in mind. They also have a range of optional features so that you can tailor the cart to your own requirements.

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