Fransgard Grader Blades

European-Manufactured, Quality, Grader Blades

Fransgard is a family-owned business founded in Denmark more than 50 years ago which sell quality products all over the world.  

Fransgard GT-300AUS Grader Blades

The new Trailer Grader from Fransgard has the same great advantages as the GT-DKH version however, the GT-AUS sets new standards within professional blades and a unique construction of the horizontal angle which is set up to 20° at each side between the blade and the frame with the 2 big wheels. This blade always levels with the road and it makes an effective 'roof construction' resulting in the water running off the road. 


The reverse side of the blade has a smart construction which presses excess material down in the road when the driver reverses without turning the blade.


  • Work width: 300 cm

  • Scraper height: 70 cm

  • Offset adjustment mechanical right/left: 60 cm

  • Hydraulic turnable blade: 60°

  • Horizontal setting hydraulic: 20°/20°

  • Hydraulic output: 4 double

  • Turnable reinforced steel Hardox 500: Standard

  • Wheels Standard

  • Snow wing right: Possible

  • Side plate: Possible

  • Weight: 1270 kg

Fransgard HNZ Grader Blades

This is a very powerful grader blade in two working widths with high base weight and wheels as an option.
The blade is heavy made with a 75 mm connection shaft and hydraulic turnable 230°standard.

Interchangeable wearing plates is standard. The 3-point hitch has mechanical adjustment for setting the horizontal cutting angle up to 20°and side adjustment.
Built for tractors up to 120 HP.

Fransgard DK/DKH Grader Blades

Fransgard’s leveller with hydraulic blade adjustment of up to 230 and hydraulic side adjustment (extra equipment). Version DKH of the leveller also has hydraulic adjustment of the horizontal cutting angle of up to 20 to the right or left. As the only leveller on the market, the DK/DKH model has a robust slewing ring with replaceable wear discs. Wide range of accessories.