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Bogballe is one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders. Design, optimum functionality and ‘ease of use’ have been developed over many years of practical experience working in the field. Bogballe have high-tech production, development and test facilities, as well as one of Europe’s largest and most advanced test halls.

The main feature of the Bogballe spreading system is the in-centre spreading technique, where the spreading discs rotate towards each other and distribute the fertiliser in four applications. The system works with 180° overlap which only is possible with the discs rotating towards each other. The system is perfect for working in non-rectangular fields as the fertiliser is spread behind the machine and not to the front towards the tractor.

Why Invest in a Bogballe Spreader?

Highly Accurate Weighing System

The specially-designed Parallelogram Weighing System registers change in the fertiliser flow and adjusts the shutter automatically. Therefore, the amount of fertiliser used is precisely controlled ensuring optimum use of inputs and costs. The Intelligent Control function detects irregularities infield for accurate rate control under all conditions.

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Even Spread Pattern

The unique In-Centre Spreading System, with the discs spinning towards each other, is recognised as a high precision system. The full 180° overlap between the two discs means that the right and left side of the spreader does not need individual adjustment to achieve the correct overlapping spread. The system results in a perfect spread pattern with practical infield tolerance.

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Dynamic Section Control (Optional)

Dynamic Section Control adjusts and controls the spread pattern according to the shape of the field, such as angled headlands or wedges. The number of sections is in principle infinite, which is illustrated on the controller as main and sub sections. The control is accomplished in a way that the main sections are divided into unlimited and dynamic flow – opening and closing the sections gradually.

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Easy to Set

One setting and the spreader is ready to work. If you choose a spreader with weighing technique and intelligent control, the only setting that must be done is to set the tilt angle to achieve the required spread width. The risk of incorrect setting is therefore minimal.

Durability from Quality Manufacture

Bogballe Spreaders are incredibly long-lasting and durable, and therefore, a smart investment. Every Bogballe Spreader is painted with quality Flexi-Coat Powder Paint which is 30 times stronger than a traditional wet paint. The result is an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant paint.

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As the Spreading Vanes are prone to wear, Bogballe use Wear Resistant Vanes of tempered manganese steel which is three times stronger than stainless steel and does not burst when knocked or hammered.

Optional Add Ons:

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