Finch Field Bins

Chaser Bins, Field Bins and Centre Lift Bins

Finch Engineering manufacture Next Generation bins built on proven performance, increased versatility and adaptability. Ranging from 20T to 47T, they have a bin that suits every need. Adaptable by design, their bins can be used for both harvesting and planting with a simple bolt-in kit, extending the range and capabilities of an already fantastic bin.

Finch Chaser Bin Range

Finch Chaser Bins

As a result of over 30 years of customer feedback, Finch Engineering has designed and engineered its ‘Next Generation’ chaser bin. Adding to current features like High Left Side, Split PTO Drive, Auger Truck Guard, Tool Box and Adjustable Hydraulic Cut-Off Plates, The Next Gen bin is built for adaptability by either removing components turning them and refitting or by retro-fitting new options.

Size 20t, 25t, 30t, 35t (4mc), 38t, 47t

Standard Features:

  • High Left Side of Bin

  • 19″ Unload Auger

  • 10T/min at standard settings)

  • Unload Auger Left or Right Hand configuration

  • Walking Beam Chassis on 20T to 38T Bins

  • Split Adjustable Hydraulic Cut-off Plates

  • Handle Operated Split Clean-out Doors

  • Front & Rear Windows

  • External Grease Points

  • Replaceable Wear Plates

  • Adjustable Swivel Ball Hitch

  • Auger Work Light

  • Heavy Duty Toolbox

  • Two Stage, Two Speed Jack

  • New 30.5/32 Tyres

  • Heavy Duty Roll Tarp

  • External Swing Down Ladder

  • Internal Service Ladder

  • Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer

  • PPG 2Pak Automotive Paint

  • 10mm Floor Plate

  • 4mm One Piece Side Wall Sheets

  • 5mm Front & Rear Wall Sheets

Optional Add Ons:

  • Seed & Fert Kit

  • Weigh Scales Kit

  • Controlled Traffic Conveyor*

  • Super, Seed and Fert Bin**

  • Floatation Tyres

  • Seeding Attachment

  • Hydraulic Auger Spout

  • Auger Hopper Spout

  • On Road Light Kit

  • Longer Unload Auger

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • 400ltr Fire Fighting Unit

  • Camera Kit

  • Custom Colours

  • Tow Bar

  • Remote Controlled Hydraulics

  • * Available on all 3.M.C and 4.M.C models

  • ** Special Order

Finch Field Bins

The Finch mobile field bins tick a lot of boxes for modern farming practices, speed and efficiency. The main aim during harvest is to keep the headers working, less stopping and waiting for grain to be taken away, or headers driving over to trucks to empty means more grain harvested per day.

The introduction of a Finch field bin into the paddock being harvested allows for a short run by the header to empty into the field bin at the end of a row for example, leading to less down time.

Size 55t, 75t and 100t

Standard Features:

  • Ranging from 55T to 110T

  • Front Axle Steering

  • Solid Axles

  • 15″ Unloading Auger

  • 6T per minute unloading capacity

  • Hydraulic Cut-off Plates

  • Double Heavy Duty Roll Tarp

  • Full Length Cleanout Slide

  • External Greasing Points

  • Front & Rear Windows

  • 2Pak Automotive Paint

  • Split Cut-off Plates on 110T

  • Heavy Duty Toolbox

  • Auger Work Light

Finch Field Bin Range

Finch Centre Lift Bins

Finch Centre Lift bins offer ease of maneuverability with little compaction in the paddock. With the need to travel during harvest, the centre lift design allows the bin to zero turn and can be towed along roads at a safe reasonable speed. The down side to this design is that it is not recommended to move the bin with grain in it and as most customers say, this is a built safety feature.

Size 100t, 115t, 130t 145t

Finch Centre Lift Bin Range

Standard Features:

  • Choice of 100T, 115T, 130T or 145T

  • Phasing Cylinders Ensure

  • Level Lifting

  • Split Front and Rear cut-offs

  • 130T & 145T

  • Hydraulically Adjustable

  • Draw Bar

  • Zero Turn Capability

  • Double Rail Chassis

  • 15″ Unloading Auger

  • Front & Rear Inspection Windows

  • 6T per minute Unloading capacity

  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Lines

  • Double Heavy Duty Roll Tarp

  • Full Length Cleanout Slide

  • External Greasing Points

  • 2Pak Automotive Paint

  • Heavy Duty Toolbox

  • External & Internal

  • Access Ladders

  • Auger Work Light